It offers discretion, punctuality and comfort, thanks to vehicles of highest level and to the competence, politeness and courtesy of the driver.



TRECIMETAXI is ideal for:

  • the transfers of the businessman who seeks quality, confidentiality and punctuality
  • tourists, who can access the historic centre of each location and can use the bicycle carrier up to 20 seats
  • private citizens, who wish to travel in peace, in a vehicle with a very high comfort and without traffic and parking problems




can be contacted by requesting the service in this hotel.

It is available for return travel with the car waiting for the customer and allows to optimize the time during the journey thanks to the free wi-fi.



TRECIMETAXI is always available and ensures a rapid response.


Member companies and guests of the hotels are granted a special treatment.



di Fernando Azzano

Via Rivizzola, 28 - 32100 Belluno (BL)

P.iva 01104260250


Tel. +39 335 604 1676




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